We are proud of expressing that we never have a written menu in Olta Fish Restaurant.

Fish Menus

As Olta Fish Restaurant we serve our customers with wide variety of fresh sea food for many years. If you would like to eat every kind of fish in its season and by the master’s hands, visit us definitely.
It is possible to find mouth-pleasing delicacies for everyone in Olta Fish Restaurant.

Appetizer Menu

Appetizers are prepared daily in Olta Fish Restaurant. By this means, the appetizers that we prepare in our own kitchen are served to you, our customer, as delicious and the freshest way. Besides, we serve with our various warm starters and rich desert menu.

Beverage Menu

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages in Olta Fish Restaurant will accompany your dishes.
Wide variety of vines and other drink types will enhance the taste and pleasure of eating fish, and ensure you to have a magnificent dinner across the seascape